On The Other Side of Sea 
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Wen-Li Chen

RESIDENCY 蘭斯柏勒鎮駐村計畫
Statement 創作陳述
"Here the water is not salt-bearing.
It is not blood-bearing.
You will not float on spit for generations.
This water will bury you clean, like it should.

Here the waves do not break rocks for fun, do not dissolve the day to send a new one crashing onward.
Here the stillness is as deep as it wants to be.
Here the only movement is us.

Here the oxygen in water is not screaming.
Here the o in h2o is not a sob.
Here the roundest molecules are breathing quite peacefully, like they chose the job.  

Here the water is not waiting to waste you.
Here the sun is not stripping your skin.
This is the dark water of renewal. Offering only one message:


—Alexis Pauline Gumbs, M Archive: After The End Of The World (131)