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Wen-Li Chen

RESIDENCY 蘭斯柏勒鎮駐村計畫
Statement 創作陳述


1. How long have you been living in Lansboro?

I have been living here about 8 years.

2. What's the main reason to make you decide to move or stay in Lansboro?

I moved here because we had a farm we used on weekends, also for the arts, and to be immersed in natural beauty. 

3. What's the most exciting story or fact you learn from Lanesboro?

I have done so much research on this town’s history that it is hard to name just one.  Here are two. The town was meant to be a tourist destination , but failed at that for 100 years and then achieved it by 2000!  Next, the town’s founder was one of the men who starved the Dakota and caused the Dakota War- Clark Thompson.

4. What do you want to tell your children or grandchildren nowadays when they are away from you? How do you communicate with them?

It is not super easy to contact them. My daughter prefers text and my son prefers email.  I want them to know I love them now and always have.


Image Courtesy: Jane P.

“I want them to know I love them now and always have.”

— Jane P., Auguest 2021